ScintillaScintilla is the Capital of the Calixis Sector and a major hub of activity and business. Hives of incredible proportions cover the surface of this world and billions inhabit them. Orbital docks sit in geostationary orbit over Hive Tarsus, though it’s Hive Sibellus that holds all the power and is the seat of the ruling families. The vast majority of the population are located in the middle hives and are usually indentured servants who toil day and night to pay the tithes to the Administratum.

Planetary Data:

  • Galactic Position: 88/23/CS/SW.
  • Satellites: Two moons (Sothus and Lachesis). Orbital docks geostationary above Hive Tarsus.

    The moon Lachesis is home to the base of The Tyrantine Cabal. This is the Bastion Serpentis, a bleak fortress of age-polished black stone jutting from the surface of Scintilla’s moon. Few people know of its existence, and those who do not are kept away from the moon by dire warnings about geological instability. Lord Inquisitor Zerbe can normally be found at the Bastion.

  • Mean Surface Temperature: 22°C.
  • Tropospheric Composition: Nitrogen 72%, Oxygen 25%, Argon 1%, Ozone 1%, Carbon Dioxide 0.5%.
  • Planetary Governor: Sector Governor Marius Hax.
  • Religion: The Cult of the Redemption is active on several planets, but its spiritual home in the Calixis Sector is Scintilla.
  • Climate: Climate temperate with extensive equatorial deserts.

    Scints, Scolds and Scabs – These are all terms used in the hives of Scintilla, and have become synonyms with the most valuable denominations of the Thrones, based in no small part on that world’s excessive levels of wealth. Rounds – Used in the depths of Gunmetal City, where actual bullets are sometimes used as currency.

    Principle Exports:
    Scintilla is a major exporter of manufactured goods including ship-drive components and weaponry. It is also an important source of manpower, with a large planetary defence force (PDF) and huge under-hive population, both of which make for excellent Imperial Guard recruit sources.

    Principle Imports:
    Scintilla cannot support itself and requires massive imports of food from the Calixis Sector’s agri-worlds.

    Countries and Continents:
    Three main continents – southern polar cap mountainous/volcanic, equatorial crescent deserts/jungle (Hive Tarsus, Hive Tenebra [extinct]), northern temper-ate landmass (Hive Sibellus, Ambulon, Gunmetal City). Remainder of planetary surface covered in ocean (heavily polluted, severely depleted fish stocks).

    Army of the Scintillan Protectorate (medium/high quality, based at Hive Tarsus).


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